My Interviews With Other Authors

I love interviewing other authors! If you're interested in me interviewing you, drop me a line. I do any genre and any type of author (indie, trad pubbed, etc.). I'd also love to interview editors, beta readers, regular ol' readers, anyone involved in the process.

Here are links to the author interviews I've done thus far. I have a few more tentatives lined up. (Interviews are listed by oldest at top, newest at bottom.)

 Lucifer is a fleshed-out protagonist, thanks to Darcy Town:

Defying Genre, Bridget Bufford:

Phair's at the Door: 

Nann Dunne: A "Door Shaker" Indeed!:

Lynn Lawler's Books Incorporate the Paranormal and the Spiritual:

BDSM, Hair, Ghosts, Sweet Romances -- Kissa Starling Does Them All!:

Kathleen Wheeler Is "Changing Shape":

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