Sunday, July 29, 2018

Exciting News!

I have some exciting news to share--I've put all of my books on Kindle Unlimited. Yep, each and every one of them. I've been doing okay with them in all outlets and in services such as Scribd. However, I wanted to see how they might do in KU. So, here they are, at least for a few months! I'll highlight a book every once in a while to refresh your memory/see if it tickles your fancy.

The link to my Amazon author page where you should be able to find all of my works is here:

Today, we'll look at "Reality Lesbian." Imagine a mix of lesbians and "The Bachelor" reality TV, and you have "Reality Lesbian"! For even more fun, you get a sequel too, the aptly titled, "Reality Lesbian 2."


In "Reality Lesbian," Lucy Marshall can’t believe it when her gay best friend, Henry, tells her that he applied for her to be on a lesbian dating show. First of all, she’s straight. Second of all, she’s straight. (And third of all, she’s straight!) When the show expresses interest in casting Lucy, Henry urges her to shove aside her guilt and misgivings. She needs the vacation. She needs the job connections. No one goes on reality TV to find true love, so what is the harm if she pretends to be gay?

Dr. Zara Winters is the lead on “Will You Marry Me?” She’s dark, brooding and sexy as hell. Their immediate and intense attraction brings out Lucy’s competitive nature, and she questions everything she thought she knew about herself. Can Lucy tell Zara the truth? How will Zara react? What about Zara’s connections with the other contestants, who include a gorgeous international model and a hot twenty-three-year-old with whom Zara has obvious physical attraction?

Tune in to your e-reader to find out!

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