Friday, April 28, 2017

My Two Concerts

The Facebook thing going on about concerts reminds me that I have been to only two (I think). The first was accidental. And probably not a true concert. I was in high school and at one of the "Days of Our Lives" conventions in South Carolina. I was with an older friend of mine and a guy friend of hers. My (straight) friend was all like, "Oh, these guys are hot!" etc. I barely paid attention. I did snap a picture or two and haven't seen it in years. No idea where the evidence is. Anyway, this group that headlined the DOOL convention event was... N'SYNC. They were, of course, small potatoes at the time. When they got big later, I sure wished I had paid more attention and kept the picture(s).

The second concert was by a girl group, "She Moves," and in the f**king freezing outdoor cold in downtown Roanoke. I had never heard of the group, but a Google search now turns out that hey, they were not totally obscure (they appeared on "SNL"!). My sisters were crazy about the group and wanted to go, and my parents forced me to go. I had a pretty miserable time. Got nothing from it except being really cold. (Parents, don't force your deaf kids to go to concerts if they don't want to. Haha.)

I have gone to several symphony orchestras and overall enjoy them as long as the conductor is dramatic as all get out.

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