Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Book Review: "The Forgetting Time"

Sharon Guskin has a way with words (and then some), as becomes evident quickly in the first chapter of The Forgetting Time. This book is a bit unusual in that I was not sure what to expect from it. The publisher's description basically goes like this: A mother is frustrated by a boy she does not understand or cannot control. A man whose life is all but over may be able to help the boy.

Noah is the boy, and he's four years old. He calls his mother "Mommy-Mom," hates baths and can't bear it when Janie, the mother, tries to develop her own life. He's quite a terror, and his mother is determined to figure out what's wrong with him. What eventually does turn out to be "wrong" is not at all what I thought it could be, and it's awesome. I love where this story went and recommend it.

However, on a scale of five stars, five being highest, I would give it three. Why only three? About halfway through, the book gains more POVs that really weigh down and slow the story. They should have been skipped or condensed. I can't help but feel they amounted to filler for the most part. The language in them is beautiful, the writing extraordinary, but they really mess with the pacing. Worded differently, this "complaint" also means the author has a helluva story going, and readers have to be more than patient to see what's what and who's who.

One of the ways in which I measure a book is to ask myself if I would read something by the author again. The answer in this case is a resounding "Yes." Even if I have to skim parts or chapters as I did with this book, the overall experience should be well worth it.

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