Sunday, October 16, 2016

3 Top Places to Find Lesbian Fiction

The rise of ebooks and digital publishing has led to a boon for many (if not all) genres of literature. Authors, for better and for worse, no longer need gatekeepers to publish their stories. Similarly, the relatively low costs of publishing fiction have led to a nice number of specialized publishers such as those who publish lesbian fiction. Okay, but you might not care about any of that. TELL ME WHERE TO FIND LESBIAN FICTION, DAMN IT! ;)

There are three great places to find all types of lesfic, whether you are in the mood for romance, mystery, drama, comedy or perhaps even all of them. (How about throwing in a vampire space alien too?)

1. The Amazon Kindle store: While having a Kindle (or Kindle app) helps here, it is not strictly necessary. Find DRM-free works, and convert them using a program such as Calibre. Kindle owner or not, you can enroll in Kindle Unlimited for $9.99 a month and enjoy lots of lesbian short stories, novellas and novels. If that does not appeal to you, you can buy books individually. You may end up doing both because there are a lot of great books not available in Kindle Unlimited. Another bonus of Amazon Kindle's store is that there are frequent freebies and discounted books. You’ll find independent authors as well as big and small publishers here.

2. Smashwords: This store is friendly to all e-reader types and offers free books as well as their price-tag companions. Like with Amazon, you can find a wide mix of lesfic genres, and you can sort your search by choices such as any length story, 50k+ words, or 20k words or less (this latter choice will give you a short story or novella). You can also sort by best sellers and by price (free, 99 cents or less, $5.99 or less, and so on). You will mainly find independent authors here, but some excellent lesfic publishers are on this site, too.

3. Royal Academy of Bards Uber Fiction: This site is an oldie but a goodie. You can read early versions of many popular lesbian fiction works; they hold up incredibly well and may have higher doses of heart and soul than more-polished versions of the same story. You can also find many great works here that are not available in otherwise published form. Look under the “Uber” (Alternative) tag on the homepage, and if you get into the TV show “Xena,” you may want to check out the fan fic here as well. The stories are free, but a kind email to an author to show your appreciation goes a long way. (Actually, it does no matter where you come across someone’s book.)

While you’re at these sites, please feel free to check out my works. On my Amazon author page, you can see the books I have in Kindle Unlimited as well as those Kindle books that are available elsewhere. Novels such as “Reality Lesbian” and the novella “The Young and the Lesbian” are available there and at Smashwords (you can find them in the Apple store and other e-book suspects too). As for the Royal Academy of Bards, check out one of my most popular stories, “The Old Woman.”

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