Thursday, October 20, 2016

3 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Lesfic-Crazy Girlfriend/Wife

Two great holidays combined!

Hey! You know how annoying it is when it’s the end of June, and stores start with the Christmas decorations? Okay, maybe I exaggerate a wee bit, but not by much! It’s irritating to many people, and look at me, writing a blog post about Christmas gifts when Halloween has not even arrived. (BOO!) In my defense, it’s often fun to think about and plan for Christmas gifts, and who better to plan for than the special woman in your life? To that end, here are three Christmas gift ideas for your gal who is nuts about lesfic, and if she is anything like me, nuts in general, too.

1. Tickets to the GCLS Conference

The GCLS conference, or the Golden Crown Literary Society conference, is a yearly summertime affair that brings together all kinds of lesfic authors and readers. Host cities rotate each year; the 2017 con is in Chicago and the 2018 con may be in Las Vegas. The con lasts a few days, but many people like to add at least a day or two to one end, or both ends, of the trip to get in more sightseeing and fun with friends. Expect seminars, author signings, karaoke, a dance, lots of mingling and more at each con.

The con is a great opportunity for your SO to meet her favorite authors and to connect with others over their love of reading. Plus, travel is fun! A hotel room and some time away from the rat race can make for a relaxing experience and for some spice.

Now for the not-so-great part: a trip (with airfare, hotel rooms, food, etc.) will set you back a few dimes. The money is well worth it, though, and if you can afford it or save up for it, this gift will be an experience you and your SO will never forget.

2. Bubble Bath, Candles and Chocolate (Optional: A Bath Pillow!)

One of my favorite places to read is the bathtub. Whether your SO’s preference is romance, mystery, suspense or something else altogether, she may enjoy soaking and reading as much as I do. I can read pretty well without a bath pillow, but the right kind can be great. However, there is always the chance that a print book will get soaked (a really bad incident happened to me once), and that an e-book device will join the big electronics heap in the sky. I can’t personally vouch for this waterproof Kindle case, but lots of other folks have.

3. Audiobooks

If your SO commutes a bit to work or loves car travels, audiobooks can help the time go by faster. Ditto with housecleaning and other tasks. This type of “reading” can bring a new layer of understanding to a book, and if your SO loves re-reading the same books, there ya go!
So, that’s three ideas. Maybe I’ll do another gifts post as Christmas gets nearer. Last-minute gifts, anyone? ;) I hope everyone has a great Halloween! 

Me as zombie Rudolph for Halloween 2014

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