Thursday, June 16, 2016

So Tired of the "Make America Kind Again" Meme

The past few months (at least) I have seen a meme on Facebook that says, "Make America Kind Again." People I know and respect as well as people I don't know and don't respect have shared it. 

Guess what?

I'm tired of it. America was NEVER kind. Pray tell, in between Native American massacres, slavery, lynchings of black people, suppressing the right to vote, rampant sexism, Japanese-American camps, American interference overseas for less-than-kind reasons, etc., when exactly was America kind? Just...America has never been kind, and that's the truth. In fact, the "Make America Kind Again" meme is patronizing to a lot of people and erases their struggles and brushes away the actions of wrongdoers.

Here's a meme that is more accurate. 


David Greenbaum said...

I shared your response the first time I saw the slogan.
Your proposed "Make America Kind" is the perfect resolution to the concerns you raise
This will be my sign at the upcoming marches.

Kathy Christie said...

Great point. I'm about to create a sign for the women's march on Saturday, and might just go with "Make America Kind". Thank you for your insight. :)

Q. Kelly said...

Awesome! Thank you both.