Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Tolerance? No, Thank you.

This is overall a good article on the Target and transgender bathroom issue from probably one of the more open-minded religious people I have come across. A must-read (I especially like the point she makes that church people have hurt her children, while transgender people have not).

It makes me reflect on a few things. First, the word “tolerance” is bandied about as a good word in the article. I don’t see the word that way, although I suppose tolerance is better than hate. The author is asking me to tolerate narrow-minded Christian beliefs, and I’m just not gonna do that. Ever. I will never nod as if I am empty-headed and let people get away with bigotry under the guise of religion.

I will ignore these people. I will choose not to associate with them. But I will not tolerate their beliefs. However, I will never try to take their rights and their beliefs away from them. Many think that “tolerance” means they get to take away MY rights because I make them uncomfortable.

I am not someone to be tolerated. I am someone to be respected and loved. If you’re a religious extremist who is trying to take away my rights, rights that YOU have, never ask me to tolerate that.

I certainly don’t throw around the word “tolerance” like it is my love child. I hate that word. I prefer “respect.” I respect only these Christians who act without judgment and without hatred. (What is truly in their minds and hearts, I do not know, so I have only behavior to go off of.) If you are not a Christian who behaves like this, shame on you. You have a long way to go to earn my respect.

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