Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Step Out Of Nyle's Shadow

Congratulations to Nyle DiMarco for winning Dancing with the Stars. He has obviously danced his way into the hearts of many Deaf and hearing folks, starting with his stint (and win) on America's Next Top Model. He's an incredible dancer, a cool customer, and has a bright, shining future. His efforts to increase ASL awareness and access are invaluable and will continue to be so.
How about these eyes?!

I've noticed a disturbing trend these past few weeks, though, and it may have reached its pinnacle tonight with proud and accomplished Deaf people saying things like, "This is the greatest moment in every Deaf person's life," and "The battle is over. Deaf are equal now."

Really, folks? Take a moment to think about what you are saying. Nyle's accomplishments are extraordinary, to be sure, but they are not the be all, end all. This may just be due to the exhilaration of a win, but I really hope Deaf folks think more highly of themselves than what I have seen the past few weeks. There is a lot more progress to be done, and each Deaf person should strive to make his and her own accomplishments. You need not live in Nyle's shadow. Make your own. ROAR!

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