Thursday, May 5, 2016

Good Things Come in Threes, and I Have Three Discounts Coming Up!

Good things often come in threes. So do bad things, actually, but hey, let’s not think about them right now. ;) Starting tomorrow, I am kicking off a May trio of three novel deals. Each ebook will be discounted to $2.99. Scheduling info and excerpts are below. For the excerpts, I went to page 23 of each print version and picked something (23 because it’s one of my favorite numbers and why not?).

“The Odd Couple”
Amazon U.S.

May 6 to May 11, U.S.
May 6 to May 12 UK

The visitor was not Margaret Hawthorne, but Gareth's other grandmother, the woman from the cemetery. She clutched two wrapped packages to her chest. "Hi," she said in little more than a whisper. "First of all, I wanted to say that, uh…"

Shock paralyzed Morrisey. She could not find her voice, especially with the Acclaim looming in the driveway, mocking her with its silver door.

JP's mother displayed a shaky smile. "I just wanted to, well, I just wanted to...I wondered if you could help me. I didn't introduce myself yesterday, did I? My name's Charlene Sudsbury."

Amazon U.S.

May 9-May 16, U.S. and UK

Anne felt another weeping spell coming on. Had been. Had been!

Dear God. How could she be alive and well, and her daughter four hundred and nine years dead? The woman who sat on the British throne today was Elizabeth II, no direct relation of Elizabeth I. Or of Henry VIII, for that matter. For all of her husband's obsessing about male heirs, his genes lasted a pitiful generation. The royal family today was directly descended from Henry's elder sister, Margaret. Still, Anne liked the fact that the British queen's name was Elizabeth. Sometimes Anne pretended that Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor was her own Elizabeth Tudor.

“Time and Time Again”
Amazon U.S.

May 16-May 23, U.S. and UK


Linn blinked and felt as if she was exiting a trance. Tumor One had suckered her in, that was for sure. Christian spoke with a quiet, steely calm that Linn rarely saw these days. People tended to hound her for one of three things: her autograph, writing advice or to get her to listen to their life stories, which never turned out to be as interesting as these people believed. Christian’s story, though…interesting. Of course, the boy was not real. He and his sister were brain tumors attending a costume ball—masquerading as ghosts.


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