Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Three Kinds of Christians - What Kind Are You?

To the people who profess to be good Christians, are you the kind who:
  • (A) Use Christianity to practice hate and to spread misinformation and bigoted beliefs, all under the guise of religion?
  • (B) Sit somewhat in the middle, the kind who is a bigot in general but who makes exceptions for family members and close friends (i.e. Muslims are terrible, but my Muslim son-in-law isn’t so bad, or, gay people are sinful, but my gay daughter, her wife and their children are a family, etc.)?
  • (C) Is truly Christian, not judging others, not forcing beliefs and hatred on others?
Time to find out! Here's a game as to what kind of Christian you are. I'm going to post memes, and if you post these on your, say, Facebook wall because you agree with them or you just simply agree with them in general, you are a bad Christian (type A or type B). You can argue all you want, but you are full of ignorance, misinformation and hate. Much of it is willful. You're scared to change. Scared to embrace diversity and differences. I hope someday you wake up and that you find true love in your heart. Peace and bless you. You need praying for.

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