Tuesday, February 23, 2016

First Lines Challenge! (And First Lines for Temporarily Abandoned Stories)

Chuck Wendig's writing prompts are always fun. This one is all about first lines; you simply type a first line, and he picks five to 10 he really likes for another writing prompt.

Anyway, this is my entry, taken from a story (one of many) I have started and put aside.

It is done; Husband has taken his fifth wife.

In case you're curious, this is the first paragraph. I intend to finish this story someday!

It is done; Husband has taken his fifth wife. Her name is Zolia, an altogether foolish name for an altogether foolish woman. As I write these words, Husband and Zolia no doubt frolic in their wedding bed. His stem grows longer and stronger for her than it does for me. Husband and I have been married seven thousand and three hundred moons. Bearing three daughters has caused my flower to go from fresh and dainty to shriveled and wrinkled. My breasts frown more each and each day.

Here are some other first lines from stories I've put aside but hope to finish someday. (Most of them, anyway!)

The new woman sat up in her cot.

Chelsea was forty years old and liked banana phones.

The two visitors peer at me.

Casey had become somewhat obsessed with Maddy.

Jamika Shott was wiping down the counters at Unityville Diner when the radio squawked that Mary Catherine Cabos had been found alive.

Highfield House, where Miss Natalie Payton lived, had marked the halfway point on Monica’s jogging route since she started college five and a half years ago.

When my husband told me that his boss—his very female and dykey boss—wanted to sleep with me, I snorted.

When I was sixteen years old, Gretchen Wallace and I lost our virginities to each other.

Once upon a time, the queen of Englund came out as a lesbian.

* The spelling of "Englund" is intentional! ;)

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