Friday, October 23, 2015

More stuff! ("Strange Bedfellows" bundle and "Woman Behind the Mask")

OK, more stuff! First, "Woman Behind the Mask" is in print now, and you should see it very soon in print at Amazon and the usual suspects. For now, it is definitely on Createspace.

Second, the "Strange Bedfellows" bundle that I talked about doing last year is ready.
For now, I see it as being ebook only (the individual books are available in print). Anyway, you get all three books in the series for only $9.99. That's savings of more than $10. Rather than
putting blurbs or long excerpts below for each book, I just figured I would use a few lines or paragraphs from each. (Spoiler alert warning: Do not read the info for the third book if you don't like being spoiled/have not read the first book. It's fine to read info for the second book.)

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All these thoughts. Memories. Regrets. Was this what getting old was like? She certainly felt old. Not old in the sense that her body was achy, tired and cranky, although it got that way sometimes. But old in the sense that she had regrets, lots of them, and was not sure she had the courage to follow through on her plans to address them. She had taken an important step, but there was still room to backtrack. Oh yes, there was.
Guess what I do then? I blurt out: “I love you.” Bad idea. Not that I do it on purpose. Not that I mean it. It simply comes out. Simply happens.
Ennis creaks her head toward me, her eyes wide and horrified. “You don’t love me,” she replies, and her voice is strange. Not soft, not gentle, not hard. Just…gravelly. Stoic, with unshed tears? “You hardly know me. Come on, Carol. You said you wouldn’t fall for me.”
“I know.” Crap. “It slipped out. I’m sorry. You’re right. I don’t love you.”
She swallows. “Yeah.”
Victoria came to her, stroked Felicianna’s cheek, and their gazes locked. Felicianna didn’t try to pull away or struggle. She’d made her decision, and her agony, at least for the moment, was suspended. Victoria moved her lips against Felicianna’s. The girl’s mouth was hot, soft, and tasted of teriyaki. When the tip of her tongue entered Felicianna’s mouth, something snapped inside Felicianna, and she sought to punish Victoria for what amounted to months’ worth of lies. Felicianna sought to express her anger and her growing feelings for Victoria the only way she knew how. The only way she wanted to.

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