Thursday, October 15, 2015

Ebook giveaway!

I'll be giving away two free ebook copies (in any format) of "Woman Behind the Mask." To enter, reply here, email me, PM me, attempt ESP, whatever floats your fancy...just answer the question below! :) A random drawing will determine the winners. Oct. 25 deadline, noon-ish. I won't sweat times as EST, PST, MST, whatever, gets confusing.

What/who is your favorite Halloween creature, and why?


Blurb of the novella:

For Annie Hardesty, Zorro is a figure shrouded in the mists of fantasy. Whatever Annie does, from getting kidnapped on a cruise to adventuring in search of the Holy Grail, Zorro is in the picture. When Annie sees Zorro in the flesh at a Halloween party, she decides to make fantasy become reality.

Except Zorro turns out to be a woman.

Surprise doesn’t stop Annie for long, and she sets up a sexual liaison at a cemetery. While Zorro, a.k.a. a lesbian named Hayden, is nervous as hell, she’s game. The night doesn’t go exactly as planned, but it’s enough for Annie and Hayden to realize they have a genuine connection. Can they overcome obstacles such as Annie’s boyfriend and Hayden’s ex-girlfriend to discover who they can be together?

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