Sunday, September 27, 2015

"The Woman Behind The Mask"

Here's the blurb in progress on my new novella, "The Woman Behind The Mask." It'll have a pre-Halloween release. :)

For Annie Hardesty, Zorro is a figure shrouded in the mists of fantasy. Whatever she does, from getting kidnapped on a cruise to adventuring in search of the Holy Grail, Zorro is never far behind. When Annie sees Zorro in the flesh at a Halloween party, she decides to make fantasy become reality.

Except Zorro turns out to be a woman.

Surprise doesn’t stop Annie for long, and she sets up a sexual liaison at a cemetery. While Zorro, a.k.a. a lesbian named Hayden, is nervous as hell, she’s game. The night doesn’t go exactly as planned, but it’s enough for Annie and Hayden to realize they have a genuine connection. Can Annie and Hayden get past obstacles that include Annie’s boyfriend and Hayden’s ex-girlfriend, to discover who they can be together?

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