Thursday, March 5, 2015

"Reality Lesbian 2"!!!

This week has been crazy busy with condo moving and freelance work. But I am getting great beta feedback on Reality Lesbian 2 and hope to progress some more on it this weekend. I need to contact my cover person soon!

I realized I have been doing a lot of talking (on Facebook) about
Reality Lesbian 2 but never posted what it is about. Here is the preliminary blurb. This story has been a lot of fun to write.


Crystal Maitland became a fan favorite during season two of gay reality dating show Will You Marry Me? Her popularity soared even more after she was dumped in the season’s final episode. While she was not ultimately chosen as the love of Dr. Zara Winters’s life, Crystal landed a gig as the season four lead. Thousands of giddy lesbians applied for the twenty spots to win Crystal’s heart.

However, as filming for Crystal’s season begins, she is already developing feelings for the show’s executive producer, Virginia “Gene” Robertson. When Crystal confesses those feelings, Gene urges her to forget them and move on. They cannot have a relationship. Never mind that Gene feels just as strongly for Crystal after spending countless hours poring through footage that reveals a complicated, layered woman. A mysterious, vulnerable woman.

Crystal tries to give a fair shot to each contestant, including the hugely pregnant Rowena Williams, the sexy butch Van Elliott and the gregarious Dolly Gaskins. However, when higher-ups at cable channel Rainbow World get wind of murmurings that something is going on with Crystal and Gene, life can only get worse.

What’s a lesbian in love to do when the woman she wants urges her to marry someone else? Find out on the shocking season four finale of
Will You Marry Me?

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