Sunday, February 8, 2015

Free refills at Starbucks

Some Starbucks employees need attitude adjustments. Starbucks gives free refills of iced tea and iced coffee as long as a customer did not leave the store. I stay long enough (working) sometimes that I go up for free refills. Today I got the most attitude thus far; the barista immediately said: "We don't give free refills if you left the store."

I said: "Why do you assume I left the store?" (I had not, not even to my car to get something or for a breath of fresh air.)

She had no answer.

Perhaps people abuse this policy. I don't know. But it's much more customer-friendly for the barista to ask: "Did you leave the store?" instead of saying something that comes across like the customer is trying to pull a fast one. This has happened to me a few other times but not to the degree it did today.

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