Friday, October 3, 2014

Weird Things Start Happening to a Psychic Who Has Been Running a Scam

Weird things start happening to a psychic who has been running a scam.

"The Psychic and the Damsel in Distress" is free at Smashwords.

It should make its way to other e-stores in the next few days. You can get it on the Kindle for 99 cents (until/if Amazon price matches the free aspect):

Kindle UK:

Telah Costner has enlisted the help of psychic after psychic in a quest to find her missing daughter, Claire. Dani is the latest psychic, and Telah is hopeful because she senses something different about Dani.

To Dani, however, Telah and Claire are just two faces in a sea of clients and missing people. Dani doesn’t believe in psychics and never has. She and her sister Kate have perfected a scam in which money is the only thing that matters. That is, until weird things start happening to Dani.

This short story is about 9,000 words.

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