Thursday, August 7, 2014

"In Need of Resolution" -- a lesbian romance serial

I've always wanted to write a serial--something like a TV show that has episodes. They've become increasingly popular with the rise of ebooks, and I realized after I started "In Need of Resolution" that it had a terrific foundation for being a serial. I originally envisioned it as a novella or novel but now know it's perfect for a serial.

Serials bring challenges, of course. Do you map out an entire season or plan episodes one by one? What if sales of episode one flop? Should you wrap up the "show" quickly in episode two or keep going and hope sales catch on? How long to wait between episodes? What if you want to go back and change a bit of character history that has suddenly become inconvenient? This move certainly isn't without its risks, but here I come! :)

The first episode of "In Need of Resolution" is about 28,000 words. I am about halfway finished with episode two and hope no more than a month elapses before it's out. My ideal is to have no more than two months pass in between episode releases.

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Episode One:
When best friends Lori Chambliss and Josie Cosgrove agree to write a New Year’s resolution for each other, the consequences promise to reach far and wide. Josie, a philosophy professor at Portland College in Oregon, is somewhat of a wild lady: sleeps around, not settled down and such. She’s more than fine with that and is dismayed when Lori’s resolution for her is to attend at least three therapy sessions. Josie’s idea to make therapy bearable: seduce the counselor. Once Josie has her mind set on something, she sees the mission through.

Dr. Evelyn Darby is a fifty-six-year-old therapist who has long felt restless and unsettled. She often daydreams about owning a cozy coffee cafe. She is divorced and has two grown daughters who don’t talk to her like they used to. Her new patient, Josie Cosgrove, stirs envy and longing in Evelyn. Makes Evelyn want more from life. Before long, Evelyn’s strong sense of professional honor collides with her yearning for more.

Meanwhile, Lori, who is also a philosophy professor, has landed in an equally vexing dilemma. Josie’s resolution for her is to seduce Reagan Richards, Lori’s favorite student from the past semester. Even though Portland College doesn’t necessarily forbid professor-student relations and Reagan is no longer Lori’s student, Lori is horrified. For one, she hates kissing and sex because they’re yucky and germy. For two, she doesn’t take risks. She loves her comfortable life. Lori is sure she’s setting herself up for humiliation. Turns out Reagan has problems of her own and may be willing to lend a sympathetic body.

This episode is about 28,000 words. Also included is a sneak preview at a scene from episode two.

These stories and more will continue throughout the episodes of IN NEED OF RESOLUTION. Stay tuned!

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