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Erotica and More Erotica, Oh My!

Howdy folks! I'm pleased to present a review on Jove Belle's "Uncommon Romance" today and an excerpt. Here is the review (read to the end of the entire post for a synopsis of the collection). You can also enter a giveaway to win a $25 Amazon gift card. Woo hoo!

A disclaimer: I don’t really read erotica. However, Jove Belle is a great writer, so when she asked me to review “Uncommon Romance,” I was enthusiastic. And I certainly was not disappointed.

“Uncommon Romance” contains three novellas: “Raw Silk,” “On Her Knees” and “Hollis.” My favorite is “On Her Knees,” perhaps because, for me, it strikes the perfect balance between romance, plot and erotica. There is still plenty of raw and graphic sex (and the novella is no doubt erotica), but also the novella has a very sweet, romantic and suspenseful undertone that is not present as much in the other two novellas.

In “On Her Knees,” the big question is whether the leads, Simone and Abby, who crushed on each other in high school but couldn’t admit it, can find a future together ten years later. (See an excerpt below this review.)

In “Raw Silk,” the leads are a married couple very much in love with each other, so there isn’t, for me, much suspense in the story, even after they bring in a third person for some fun. “Raw Silk” skews more on the side of pure erotica—definitely a great thing for many people! ;)

In “Hollis,” the leads, a FBI instructor and a detective at the instructor’s training camp, agree to a BDSM relationship early on, and there’s really no question until very late in the story about whether they have any desire for their relationship to progress past three weeks of fun. 

That being said, the plots and characterization of “Raw Silk” and “Hollis,” while perhaps not as suspenseful as “On Her Knees,” will still appeal to many people. I in particular enjoyed the BDSM aspect to “Hollis.” Threesomes (as in “Raw Silk”) are fairly common, but BDSM is something I have not read much about, so I really enjoyed learning more on the subject.

I fully recommend this collection, and let me tell you one thing. Jove Belle knows how to write sex. She keeps it fresh in scene after scene. Very few methods and techniques are repeated, whether within a story or across all three novellas (off the top of my head, I can name only one notable sex act that was somewhat repeated and even then it was written differently enough both times).

"On Her Knees" - Excerpt

Simone poured herself a glass of wine and sat on the sofa sipping it. Either Abby would show up and be impressed with the wine selection—it was a damn fine bottle—or Simone would move from sipping to gulping and finish off the damn fine wine by herself. Nothing pathetic about that. Not at all.

She’d debated waiting naked, but the possibility that Abby would be a no-show compelled her to dress. She’d rather have Abby take her clothes off than have to get dressed alone later when she was drunk on a bottle of wine she also drank alone. When she’d told Abby to get her ass to her place, Simone had felt brave. The sound of Abby on the verge of release, the heady power of knowing she’d caused the desperate way Abby gulped air, her breathing choppy and uneven, had made her overconfident. The longer she waited, the more foolish her demand seemed. An orgasm with the woman who twisted her insides, even via phone, was better than not having one at all. Wasn’t it?

She was on her second glass of wine when she heard a faint almost-not-there knock at the door. It was so soft she wondered if she’d imagined it out of desperation. A few seconds passed and she heard it again. Definitely not a hallucination.

Simone finished the glass of wine in a final gulp before opening the door. She needed the brief reprieve before she crossed the point of no return. When she opened the door, there’d be no turning back.

Abby looked as uncertain as Simone felt, like she wasn’t in complete control of the actions her body was taking, but she knew it probably wasn’t the smartest thing she could be doing at midnight on Thursday. Simone invited her in before either one of them could change her mind. Again.
“I wasn’t sure you’d come.”

“Neither was I.” Abby clutched her long overcoat tight around her body. Her knuckles were turning white.

“You want me to hang that up?” Simone touched her fingers to the lapel of Abby’s coat, just let them rest there lightly for a moment. She’d demanded Abby’s presence so she could touch her with a lot more than just two fingers skimming along fabric, but the action still felt overly intimate to her.

Abby chewed her bottom lip. “Ummm…” She unknotted the belt slowly. “I think so.”

What the hell was the big deal? It was just a coat, for Christ’s sake. Abby’s hesitance confused and annoyed Simone. What did Abby think would happen when she took it off? She’d be trapped in Simone’s apartment forever?

Then Abby parted the front and let it slide off her shoulders and Simone was staring at breasts. And legs. Perfect breasts and legs that made her want to prostrate herself in worship.

Happily ever after doesn’t look the same for every couple.
In Raw Silk, June and Ashlyn Phillips, happily married, occasionally enjoy adding another dynamic to their sex life. When Katerina “Kat” VanderVort enters June’s office one day, she sets her sights on June. Lucky for her, Ashlyn loves to indulge her wife’s fantasies.
In On Her Knees, Simone Davies is finally happy. That is, until her chief tormentor and biggest crush, Abby Nelson, shows up at her firm’s holiday party. Together they struggle to forget the past and build a future together.
In Hollis, homicide detective Jude Lassiter pushes a little too hard, and her instructor at a FBI anti-terrorism training session, Special Agent Beverly Hollis, knows exactly how to punish her. Jude is all too willing to submit.

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Meet the Author:
Jove was born and raised against a backdrop of orchards and potato fields. The youngest of four children, she was raised in a conservative, Christian home and began asking why at a very young age, much to the consternation of her mother and grandmother. At the customary age of eighteen, she fled southern Idaho in pursuit of broader minds and fewer traffic jams involving the local livestock. The road didn't end in Portland, Oregon, but there were many confusing freeway interchanges that a girl from the sticks was ill-prepared to deal with. As a result, she has lived in the Portland metro area for over fifteen years and still can't figure out how she manages to spend so much time in traffic when there's not a stray sheep or cow in sight.
She lives with her partner of seventeen years. Between them they share a collection of six children, one dog, two cats, a mortgage payment, one sedan, and a cushy SUV big enough to hold the Lesbian Brady Bunch on their family outings. One day she hopes to live in a house that doesn't generate a never ending honey-do list.
Incidentally, she never stopped asking why, but did expand her arsenal of questions to include who, what, when, where and, most important of all, how. In those questions, a story is born.
Her books include The Job (coming October 2014) Uncommon Romance, Love & Devotion, Edge of Darkness, Split the Aces, Chaps, and Indelible. They are available at http://www.boldstrokesbooks.com

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