Monday, April 7, 2014

Three Book Reviews: A Diet Book, "The Deepest Secret" and "The Paris Architect"

I miss doing book reviews. I have another site devoted to them but have not written a review in forever. I am still reading as much as ever, though, and thought I would try to get back to writing reviews. I will put them here and will shoot for at least one review a week. Reviews will most likely be on books I enjoyed rather than these I did not like.

Here are three short reviews to get us started! :)

Fat: The Weight Loss Secret  by K.D. Joseph
Yeah, let's face it, diet and weight-loss books seem to be a dime a dozen. However, this one, which I downloaded onto my Kindle during a free promotion, has helped change my life. It's a short book, about 48 printed pages (according to the product estimate), and shorter definitely is better in this case. I have no need for thick weight-loss books that take extra pages to repeat information or to fill space.

This book isn't the best written or the best edited, but its message is simple and motivational. It distills down to: you need to eat 100 grams (or less) of carbohydrates a day. Since then, I have eaten about 20-40 grams daily, with rare days hitting as much as 60 grams. I have also lost nearly 20 pounds and am still losing. My head is much clearer. My afternoon lethargy of two or three hours is gone. My cravings disappeared nearly overnight. It was amazing and incredible for me to realize how much of my life was controlled by sugar.

The Deepest Secret by Carla Buckley
This novel has many things going for it, including a look into a condition called XP (xeroderma pigmentosum) in which even a speck of UV light will kill someone. Eve is the mother of a teenager with XP, and her life revolves around her son, Tyler--often at the detriment of her husband and daughter. An intriguing, gripping read on family dynamics, secrets and suburban life.

The Paris Architect by Charles Belfoure
Lucien Bernard is an architect in 1942 Paris who helps design hiding spaces for Jewish people--not out of the goodness of his heart (at least at first) but because he needs money. This book provides a different angle and take on the Holocaust and on hiding Jewish people than many other books do. It hooked me right away and is well worth the read. A great blend of mystery, suspense and humanity.

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