Monday, March 17, 2014


I forgot to post an excerpt from my newest book, TIME AND TIME AGAIN, so here it is!


This is an excerpt from Chapter Nine
in Time and Time Again by Q. Kelly. © 2014


Over hamburgers and fries at McDonald’s, Linn asked about Christian and Corrine. “What kind of kids were they?”
Joely ignored the question and devoured two fries. Why couldn’t Linn have found Molly? Now Joely had to go back to Green Cabin and face air.
“Joely? What were Christian and Corrine like?”
“Answer your own question. You see and hear them. So you say.”
“Come on, Joely. Tell me. What were they like?”
Joely shook her head. Suggesting this trip to Linn had been a colossally stupid idea. It’d bought Joely little more than half a day. Furthermore, it’d led Linn to think Joely was interested in bonding emotionally. Joely should have stayed in Richmond. Her kids were air! Air that didn’t have the sense to stay in rotting, decrepit graves that Joely couldn’t bring herself to visit.
“You want to know what my children were like?” Joely said. “They ate. They breathed. They drank. They shat.”
Linn pursed her lips. “Hmm.”
Joely nudged her foot forward and forward until her leg rubbed against Linn’s.
“Uh,” Linn said in a strangled, although not exactly protesting, voice.
Joely moved to Linn’s side of the booth and put her hand on Linn’s upper thigh. Linn sucked in a quick, aroused breath, and Joely felt something similar inside her too. “Fancy a quickie?” she purred.
“You’re nuts.”
“Thank you.” Joely edged her hand closer to the “V” bridging Linn’s legs. She and Linn sat in a far corner, and the backside of the booth allowed them a fair degree of privacy.
“Joely, stop. I’m not interested.”
“Oh, I think you are.” Joely brushed her lips against Linn’s neck. “Mmm. Oh. You taste good. You feel good. When’s the last time you had sex, honey? We could check into a hotel. Have some fun.”
“Not like this. You need to talk to your children. I’m not your escape.”
Joely snorted and planted a light kiss in the crook of Linn’s neck. “Escape? You think this is…oh, come on.”
“Of course it is,” Linn countered, but she made no move to break from Joely.
“Easy for you to say. You see the children and don’t have to face up to your dead person.”
A tear rolled from Linn’s cheek. “I think I wanted to see her,” Linn murmured. “Despite what I said, I wanted to see her. Hold her one last time. Say goodbye.”
“Let’s look again.”
Linn shook her head.
“Let me touch you?” Joely whispered. “I’m not Molly, but I can make you forget her for the afternoon.”
“I’m not having sex with you, Joely.”
Fine. There were other ways to delay the inevitable, and Joely rested her head against Linn’s. “Hey. If you had the opportunity to say goodbye, what would you say?”


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