Thursday, November 7, 2013

Four Goodies, Including "Reality Lesbian" in Print, a Freebie and an Audiobook

This blog post covers a lot, so grab your seat belts and buckle up! First up, Miss Lucy Parker and Other Short Stories has been made into an audiobook. It's  ready for purchase on (click here). Actress Wendy Tremont King did an excellent job narrating these stories. It'll be available on Amazon and iTunes in a few days, and I'll try to send out another announcement then with these links. 


Next, I've put four of my short stories together in a free collection called A Sprinkling of Lesbian Short Stories. For now, I've chosen not to put the collection on Amazon in ebook form because I'd have no choice but to charge 99 cents, which defeats the point. I don't want readers to feel misled or ripped off, and I'm not sure a note explaining the situation would pass muster by Amazon's censors. I would appreciate feedback on this--if you think I should go ahead and put it on Amazon for the minimum allowable price of 99 cents and encourage people to click on the button that ideally would lead Amazon to price match at free.

These four stories include Welcome to Paradise, which has never been officially published and is the basis for my novel Third. Blurbs below:

THE OLD WOMAN: Jessica is a pretty good best friend, but she goes too far when she dares Rachel to ask an old woman on a date. Rachel has no choice; otherwise Jessica will do the asking, and Rachel has no intention of humiliating the old woman. Turns out maybe Jessica’s idea was not so bad after all. There is a lot more to Ada than her age.

CUPID PULLS A PRANK: Cupid pulls a prank to end all pranks. For the first time in American history, both the Republicans and the Democrats have female candidates running for president. The Republican is Alice Cowell, and the Democrat is Gillian Marshall. Cupid strikes them during a live, nationwide televised debate, and Alice’s and Gillian’s reactions shock even Cupid.

THE NIGHT THEY DRANK WINE: Mallory and Vanessa are sisters-in-law and good friends. One night, they get together to gossip and drink wine. One thing leads to another, and the next morning finds them naked and in bed together. Will they ignore what happened or try to make some sense of it?

WELCOME TO PARADISE: Helen Franklin is horrified when her dying father leaves her a most unusual inheritance: a woman. The woman, Anne, is a time traveler with a tragic past. Helen tells herself that Anne is not her problem, but the hopeful gaze in Anne’s eyes haunts Helen. Do they have a future together? (This story serves as the basis of my novel “Third.” “Welcome to Paradise” stands completely on its own, though.)

Download information:
Apple, Sony, Nook, etc. -- should be any day now, if not already -- distribution through Smashwords


As for the third goodie, I've taken the novella "One Hour," which was first published as part of the collection "The Green Pill, One Hour and Other Lesbian Stories" and published it separately as well. So, now it's available alone for $3.25 OR as part of the collection for $5.99.

"One Hour" standalone purchase information:


Time for goodie number four! I've caught up with putting all my works into print, with the exception of Woman Unleashed, which will be ushered through as soon as possible (the cover designer needs to modify the cover for print).

Here are the works newly in print (if they don't show up as eligible in print on Amazon, they will any day now. They are already available through CreateSpace and will take a few weeks to show up in bookstores other than Amazon):

Reality Lesbian:

The Green Pill, One Hour and Other Lesbian Stories:

One Hour:

A Sprinkling of Lesbian Short Stories (I would love to make this collection free in print form like it is in ebook form, but that simply isn't possible. On the bright side, it's only $3.59 in print.):
(Get the ebook free at OR

Miss Lucy Parker and Other Short Stories:
If you're interested in the ebook, you can find it at Amazon, BN, Smashwords, Apple, Sony, all the usual suspects.


As a reminder, The Old Woman and Other Lesbian Stories, Cupid Pulls a Prank and Other Lesbian Tales as well as The Girl Prince and Her Princess were put in print together last year. More info on that here. The title is 3 in 1: Three Works Under One Umbrella. The CreateSpace link is here: It is also on Amazon.

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