Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ebooks Special at $2.99

Hi everyone,

I am running an ebooks special on my novels this week. They're priced at only $2.99. (This price may take a day or so to filter down to Apple and some other ebook stores I distribute to through Smashwords.)

You can find the books here:
Barnes and Noble:
The books are also available at Kobo, Apple, Sony and most any major ebook store. (Note: "Waiting" is available only at Amazon for now. That will change next month.) All of my works are DRM-free.

Blurbs here:

People often ask me which of my novels they should start with. Good question, and the answer really depends on a lot of factors. Generally speaking, though, if you like series, I have three books in the "Strange Bedfellows" series ("Strange Bedfellows," "Three's a Crowd," and "Victoria's Very Awkward Love Story"). "Third" may be good if you like historical fic and/or sci-fi. It's also a Lammy and GCLS finalist--if you put stock into awards. "The Odd Couple," "Waiting" and "Strange Bedfellows" also won/finaled for GCLS or Rainbow Awards.

List of novels on sale:

"Strange Bedfellows" (Book 1 of series)
"Three's a Crowd"  (Book 2 of series)
"Victoria's Very Awkward Love Story"  (Book 3 of series)

"All in the Family"
"The Odd Couple"

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