Thursday, April 11, 2013

"Victoria's Very Awkward Love Story" Is Out!

"Victoria's Very Awkward Love Story" is out! So far, it's available through these channels:


Print: (Createspace); will take a few days to get into the Amazon system.

Excerpt below. For a blurb, go here.

Chapter Eight

At four a.m., Felicianna pretended she had to pee. She creaked her bedroom door open, snuck a glance into the living room, saw nothing but dim shadows and Victoria under the blanket, and padded to the bathroom. She pulled her boxer shorts down and sat on the toilet.

She’d never quite gotten to sleep, and after the latest batch of sirens, she heard Victoria walking around. Checking out the fridge.

Well. No pee. No light-yellow stream. No piss.

“Come on,” Felicianna muttered, and finally, a trickle began. Grew stronger but didn’t last long. Felicianna wiped, pulled her shorts up and washed her hands. She was either one of the dumbest people alive or…well, one of the dumbest people alive. Why didn’t she just ask Victoria to get in bed with her? They both wanted it, and nothing sexual would happen. Victoria was right that no one had to know. Not Elena, not Frances, not Brenda. Felicianna and Victoria were consenting adults. What they did was their business. Wasn’t anyone else’s business.

Fine. Felicianna would do it. And regret it later, like she regretted most of the decisions she made in the wee hours of the a.m. During the day, her mind kept busy enough. Her body kept busy enough. At night, her body and her mind got so lonely they ached. At night, Felicianna relived the past until she wanted to scream.

She gargled her mouth with Listerine. Tiptoed to the doorway connecting the living room and the hall. “Victoria?” she whispered.


More insistently: “Victoria?”

The figure under the blanket bolted upward. “Oh shit. Did I oversleep?”

“No, you’re good.” Felicianna edged a couple of steps into the living room. “I thought that if you couldn’t sleep, you could…you’re welcome to try the bed. For whatever little time before your alarm goes off.”

“With you?”

Felicianna swallowed. “If you want.”

“What…what time is it?”

“A little after four.” Felicianna didn’t let herself think or worry or agonize anymore. She simply went to the couch, sat and wrapped her arms around the woman she’d started falling in love with a few months ago.


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