Friday, February 22, 2013

"Strange Bedfellows" Book 2 Is Out!

Today I release "Three's a Crowd," my first novel in nearly a year. Wow! Hard to believe, but true. In the past year, I released two novellas, but no novels. This link will take you to the first four chapters (safe for work and a bit more than the ebook samples provide), and here's the release information in case you don't hang around for the rest of this blog post:

Print: (will take a few days to reach
Word count: About 59,000 words

Usually, no matter what I am releasing (novel, novella, short-story collection, cookie, gremlin, pillow) I get release jitters. It's no different this time around, except that the jitters are more jitteryish than usual. Why? Well, for several reasons. Here are a few:

1) This book ("Three's a Crowd") is Book 2 in a series. It's the first sequel, so to speak, that I have done. This brings pros and cons. One pro: built-in audience ("Strange Bedfellows" sold pretty well, won awards and received critical acclaim). Cons: audience (many people may not have read "Strange Bedfellows" and so will pass up on this rather than if it was a standalone--or will read it and not completely understand it because they didn't read "Strange Bedfellows." Who knows). I really want to do a Book 3 (Victoria's rather awkward love story), but that in part may depend on how well Book 2 sells. I see a law of diminishing returns for some series (say, if Book 1 sold 1,000 copies, and 800 of these people enjoyed the book enough to buy another, then Book 2 might sell 800, and Book 3 may sell 700 and so on).

2) The blurb for "Three's a Crowd," in order to avoid massive spoilers, doesn't make explicit the connection to "Strange Bedfellows." I am afraid that may turn off some people who would've bought it otherwise because these people may not think there is a true connection to "Strange Bedfellows."

3) Not only is "Three's a Crowd" a Book 2, it is a "Strange Bedfellows" prequel and sequel in one. I've never read a book that's both a prequel and sequel, but I am sure such books exist. They have to! Nevertheless, it's a bit of an offbeat format.

So, yeah, the release of this particular book comes with its share of risks. That said, I'm very excited and very proud of this book. It truly is different from anything else I've done.

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