Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Life As a Kindle Owner

OK then! I've been the proud owner of a $69 Kindle for about a week now (here's a link to the post explaining why I bought a Kindle). This blog post is to update y'all on my Kindle--because, ya know, you're hanging onto every word of my exciting, exciting life. Right? Riiiiight. :D

So here we go.

Bottom line: I am deliriously happy with my Kindle. The closest thing I have to compare it with is my Nook Simple Touch, so this'll basically be a comparison of the two.

What I love about the Kindle:
1) Smooth library check-out process, wireless for  most books (with the Nook, a cable is required, and library books have stopped working with my Nook Simple Touch, although they still work with the Nook Color)
2) I can e-mail documents to myself. No wires needed.
3) No glitches so far (I had to erase both my Nooks at least four times apiece due to "glitches")
4) Reading/appearance of text is much smoother
5) Improved (oh my, it really is) store navigation for Amazon vs. Barnes & Noble
6) The Internet! Wow. I had no idea about this part, but I can access the web, check email, etc. with WiFi if I want to. The Nook Simple Touch definitely doesn't have this.

Since I have the $69 Kindle, I have advertising when I'm not reading. It doesn't bother me one bit. I actually enjoy seeing some of these deals. I used my free trial Prime membership on one (ONLY THE INNOCENT by Rachel Abbott, which I highly recommend).

Cons of the Kindle:
1) Library books tend to come out in .epub first, so I have to wait longer for .mobi format. However, I do have my Nook Color (with the back light, eh) if I absolutely don't want to wait for the .mobi version.
2) No touch screen, so "page turning" is bit more awkward (I do love that aspect of both Nooks!) -- minor issue
3) The keyboard, which is controlled by a cursor, is clunkier than with a touchscreen -- minor issue
4) Less-friendly Table of Contents. ToCs are much easier to make for .epubs, so fewer Kindle books have an active ToC in the menus. I rarely use ToCs so this is, to me, less than a minor issue!

Overall verdict:
The Kindle leaves the Nook Simple Touch in the dust. The Kindle's many pros outweigh its minor issues, and at only $69, the Kindle is a steal. I only hope I remain happy with my Kindle as time goes on!


Patty G. Henderson said...


I love my Kindle and read more on it than paper books. I mostly get paper books for collecting.

I had a very old, first generation Kindle....Yes, the real heavy ones....LOL. And then someone wonderful gifted me a brand new Kindle PaperWhite. That is the one with the lighting where you can read in the dark. And the great thing is that the PaperWhite is touchscreen. It's wonderful. I love it. Some readers complain about the three little lights that shine up from below the actual device. You can actually see some of the lighting, but not enough to detract for this great Kindle. My guess is that the next generation Kindles will all be touchscreen.

Welcome to the Kindle world.

othervoice said...

Dear Q.,

I loved your blog. I've been researching Kindle's for a few months now and plan on buying one as soon as taxes come back.

My question, does your model have audio capabilities?

I have an elderly cousin who is dyslexic and his reading level is approximately 1st grade level. He would like to be able to have books available and needs one that will read to him.

I'd appreciate any input you can share.

Q. Kelly said...

Hi othervoice,

The $69 Kindle and the one that is $20 more (but without advertising) do not support audio.

Go to this link and you'll get a chart of ALL Kindles and their features (or lack thereof):

Do a "find" for the word "audio." Seems like the Kindle Paperwhites don't have audio either.

Anonymous said...

I had a Sony PRS-505 for years. A few months ago, I bought a Kindle Keyboard, and I love it. It's amazing how much the e-reader technology improved since I bought the Sony.

The Kindle Keyboard doesn't have a touchscreen either, but the Sony didn't have one either, so I don't miss it.