Monday, February 11, 2013

Joining the Ranks of Kindle Owners

I just gave in and ordered a Kindle (the $69 kind). My Nook Simple Touch has been having crazy issues (for example, it won't read library books anymore, and my computers usually don't recognize it). I'm tired of dealing with it. The Nook Color is still doing fine (reads library books, computers recognize it and such), but I got the Nook Simple Touch in the first place because I wasn't crazy about the back light that comes with the Nook Color (I'm an eink reader gal!).

Here's to hoping for a prosperous relationship with the new Kindle. One thing I won't miss for sure: downloading an Amazon book, trying to convert it in Calibre and getting the "DRM locked" message. That accounted for most of my ebook returns. Won't be a problem anymore! It'll be nice to not have to go through Calibre also.

I will also enjoy having the Kindle for proofing and formatting check purposes. You know, since I'm an author and all. ;-) The Kindle is where the majority of the e-reader audience is, and I've always been curious about differences between what I see on my Kindle computer app and my Kindle phone app compared with an actual Kindle.

Why did I say "gave in"? Well, because I was hoping the Nook Simple Touch would recover miraculously and save me the cost of a new Kindle, power adapter and Kindle cover. Alas, it was not to be, but I really did need a Kindle anyway for formatting/proofing purposes.

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