Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Announcing "Strange Bedfellows" Book 2 and Excerpt!

If you're a Facebook friend of mine, you probably know that I'm releasing Book 2 in the Strange Bedfellows series soon (I am aiming for by the end of this month at the latest). I haven't spread this news far and wide, however--not until now. To say I'm excited is an understatement. This Book 2 is titled "Three's a Crowd,"and it is a prequel and sequel in one. It isn't a formulaic Book 2, so to speak, but I think it works really well.

Please mosey over to Women and Words for a
Q & A on Book 2. And trust me when I say it IS a prequel and sequel, even though the blurb may not make it seem so.

Blurb and link to excerpt below!

Blurb: Carol Thomas is shocked when her fiance comes home late one night with an announcement: he’s gotten back in touch with a college buddy named Ennis Evans, and she's up for a threesome. Carol shoves aside her misgivings and tentatively agrees. She considers herself a prude in many ways and wants to break through her shell. As she gets to know Ennis and experiences an immediate, undeniable attraction, Carol keeps putting off the menage a trois. She begins to wonder if she's gay and falling in love with Ennis. Then the night of the threesome arrives and changes Carol for life. But Carol still has much to learn. She finds out the hard way that Washington is a city known for intrigue and double dealings. Many things aren't what they seem on the surface, and just what is Ennis's connection with Washington's most infamous call girl, Elena Marie Elise?

Link to excerpt from Chapter Six of "Three's a Crowd" (warning: excerpt may not be suitable for reading at work--and is subject to final editing).


Karen said...

OK....that was mean. lol This is going to be good.......:-)

Q. Kelly said...

Glad you're looking forward to the book! :)