Sunday, December 2, 2012

Glasses Technology at the Movies -- Plus "Third" and "Waiting" Win Rainbow Awards

Yesterday, I went to the movie "Argo" and tried "glasses" technology that gives "captions" to the movies (the glasses have wifi that links to something on the screen, and I see projected words on the glasses/screen--no one else sees them). Before, I was limited to going to open-captioned movies, but the glasses get rid of that. I didn't have high expectations going in. I envisioned the glasses not working, and then a clueless movie employee having to ask another clueless employee how to do this, and the movie would be half over before we could get the glasses to work.

Yay! It went quite well, actually. The glasses/new kind of captioning appearances took a few minutes to get used to, and I do generally prefer the layout/look of open captioning and of closed captioning (although white open-captioned letters on light-colored backgrounds are too frustratingly common. The new letters with the glasses are green, getting rid of this problem). So, yeah, I'm thrilled now that I can go to any movie, anytime, and am not limited to a certain movie and certain times every week.

After the movie ended, I found out that one of my books won a Rainbow Award. Whee! Later that night, a second book won (and a third, "All in the Family," got a sort of honorable mention). Anyway, here are the judges' comments for "Third" and Waiting." For a complete list of award winners, go here:

Judge's comment on "Third": As a person who loves history this novel certainly satisfies that love, with its accurate, detailed settings. To go from the past to the present as often as the author does and do it so fluidly was fantastic to read. The plot pulls the reader along nicely. Part of the reason this book is hard to put down was the characters were so well written and showed growth throughout the length of the novel.

Judge's comment on "Waiting": Wow, this one really took me by surprise. The concept seemed as if it might be a bit strained, and the pacing was definitely slow, but this was a beautiful read that really made me care about the characters. Very easy to relate to . . . and to get lost in.

Yesterday was a good day! :)

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