Thursday, November 8, 2012

"Love's Spell" Is Out!

My newest novella, "Love's Spell," is out! It's 24,000 words. It should be in print soon.

Print (CreateSpace for now; will take a few days to get in Amazon's system):

I have the blurb and two excerpts below, but before I get to that, I want to talk really quickly about not believing in something vs. believing in possibilities. I've copied and pasted part of my dedication here: I dedicate this novella to my wife, Melanie, to our cats, Dopey and Flirt, and to our dog, Chester. Dopey died during the writing of this novella, which is ironic in a way because the character of Mrs. Purr was already in full force as a combination of Dopey and Flirt. In Mrs. Purr, part of Dopey will always live on. Part of Flirt, too. I don’t believe in abracadabra magic, but there is no denying that after Dopey died, Flirt (who is a year younger than Dopey) started taking on many of Dopey’s behaviors—behaviors Flirt had never done. Who knows, maybe magic does exist.

This novella will always remain super extra special to me for the above reason.

OK! Blurb time:

Ava Van Dorn doesn’t believe in magic, but she believes in possibilities. So, she figures trying a love spell her grandmother left her won’t hurt. Worst case: her life will stay the same. Best case: her fellow second-grade teacher James Friedlander will fall in love with her, and they’ll live happily ever after.
Ava accidentally places the spell on her principal, Libby Lubbock. Libby is wrestling with her own issues in the love department, namely the fact that she’s deciding whether to give her ex a second chance after the ex cheated. Libby is beginning to think she’s the type who is better off single.
The spell can be undone, but it requires Ava and Libby getting to know each other better. Lots better. Libby agrees to the undo because no way does she want to fall in love with Ava if she can help it. However, perhaps the last paragraph in a letter Ava's grandmother wrote is right: “Why all these crazy steps? My great-great grandmother, the witch, strongly believed that things happen for a reason. This time with the ‘wrong person’ will help determine if the wrong person might be the right person, after all.”
Can Libby and Ava cast a love spell that has nothing to do with abracadabra magic and everything to do with the magic of true love?

Excerpt One (from Chapter One):

“I have a surprise,” I said. “Hope it cheers you up.”
James beamed. “You’re the best.”
Now for the spell. It was quite simple. All I had to do at this point was recite the words: I want this person to fall in love with me, o gods, please have this person fall in love with me forever and ever. I could say the words out loud or mentally. Didn’t matter. Then I had to touch the person of my desire in the next minute—before I touched anyone else. Before anyone else touched me.
I proffered my surprise, a package of Reese’s Cups. “Ta-da!” I stepped forth and ran through the words in my head: I want this person to fall in love with me, o gods, please have this person fall in love with me forever and ever.
CLICK CLACK! Tight, smart high heels sounded behind me, and the principal, Libby Lubbock, swept into the classroom.
“Perfect! You’re both here,” Libby said. “We need to talk about Louise Avery and set up a meeting.” Libby’s arm brushed my arm, a slight brush of her skin against mine. My brain whirred. Blared. Big time. Libby gliding past me, our arms touching, the…
My legs wobbled. No. Oh no. Not Libby.
I rushed over to James and jammed the candy into his hand. I didn’t care if the touch was obvious. Please, please! Spell gods, whoever you are, I’m touching James now! This man, not Libby, is the person I want to fall in love with me. Listen! Listen!

Excerpt Two (from Chapter Nine)

“Oh.” My tongue tasted like gall. My thoughts tasted like gall. I could say an “I’m sorry,” but it would be of no use. And I wasn’t sure what I was sorry for. Rotten timing? Me being an ass? Ellen asking Libby for a second chance? Libby telling me about Ellen now instead of in the morning—and therefore denying me one grand night before Libby reached into my chest and seized my beating heart?
“Well, thank you,” I said. “Thanks for letting me know. I sure do appreciate it.”
Sarcasm. Lots of sarcasm. And pain.
“Ava,” Libby implored.
“Why did you let us do what we did Friday night?” I asked accusingly.
“Ellen and I are not dating. Not technically. And…” Libby clenched her teeth. “Geez, Ava. I don’t know. I’m not perfect. I haven’t had sex in more than a year, and I like you. You know that. I’ve liked you a long time. It took all I had to…to not let things progress like they would have Friday night. I thought you were kind of experimenting. Questioning your sexuality. Aren’t you? Look, no offense, but I’m not a science project.”
I scoffed, mostly to cover up the fact that tiny tears stung my eyes. “Didn’t you hear what I said earlier? You and the spell helped me realize some things.”
“I appreciate that. I do, really. However, maybe a week from now, or a month from now, or a year from now, you’ll realize otherwise. I’m thirty-seven. I’m too old for these kinds of risks. These kinds of games.”
My tiny tears enlarged. Time for another pity-party hoedown. Noise makers, red hats, pony rides, cake, ice cream, scary-ass clowns. Maybe I was questioning my sexuality, maybe I wasn’t. Bottom line, I liked Libby. I liked that one beautiful, smart woman. Did other stuff really matter?
Yes. Apparently.
“Know what’s sad?” I muttered.
“Friday night was the best sexual encounter of my life.”
Libby blinked. “Really?”
“I can’t, I can’t…I can’t come with someone else. I’ve never been able to. I can’t lose myself. I always have to focus. Like, I’m doing this now, what should I do next, step A, step B, step C, that kind of stuff. But I never tried the…what we did Friday. I came with you. I lost myself in what you were doing. My brain didn’t get in the way. That’s huge to me. You have no idea.”
Libby nodded slowly, my confession no doubt scaring her shitless. The good ol’ TMFI—too much freaking information. “Well…good. I’m glad, Ava. I’m glad you got that.”

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