Sunday, November 11, 2012

"Celeste" Update

This blog post follows up on this one:

So, a few days ago, "Celeste" turned 18. (FYI, I'll just call Celeste "C" from now on because he's unsure these days if he's transgender or not; in any case, he no longer wants to identify as female and be called "she." I told him that it's becoming more accepted nowadays for people to be gender ambiguous and to dress any damn way they want. Labels aren't quite as important these days in society. Just do what feels right.)

Anyway, the day before C's eighteenth birthday, he sent me a message on Facebook wanting to meet up (with my wife too, of course). We hadn't seen him since he left our home more than a year ago, although we'd had very sporadic online contact. I set up a time to meet C on his birthday, and that night, my wife and I were on our way.

It was a great night. We hugged, slipped right back into conversation and it was like we were never apart. We'd had enough time to look past the "bad" stuff, at least for one night. C, that very day, had moved into independent living and out of the group home, so my wife and I drove him home. WOWZA! Such a nice, roomy apartment. He has a roommate, but they have their own rooms (two rooms apiece), their own refrigerators, plus a huge shared dining room and a huge living room--and don't even get me started on the bathroom. GIANT! It really is so nice. C asked if he could still call us "Mom" (he'd never de-listed us as his parents on Facebook, and we never de-listed him as our child), and we said yes.

Tell you something... it's awesome being a mom again. So nice.

We were supposed to see C again yesterday, but he overslept. He's going a bit crazy with his freedom now in independent living. Wish him luck! ;-)

So, it's baby steps for now. Who knows, this reconciliation attempt may be a colossal failure. But for now, I'm hopeful. There's hope.

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