Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Buncha Stuff

This blog post will be a bit of everything! :) So, here we go.

Beeswax 1: I am hoping to release my second novella, "Love's Spell," in the next two weeks (blurb and rough draft excerpt here). This is a call for celebration for me because this is the first totally new work I've released since my writer's block drought. ("The Girl Prince and Her Princess," while it got a nearly total overhaul, is based on an earlier story I wrote.)

Beeswax 2: I'm hard at work (about 1/4 finished) on a sequel to the award-winning "Strange  Bedfellows." The sequel is tentatively titled "Strange Bedfellows Too" and is mainly the story of Victoria and her new love. Believe it or not, this pairing may be even stranger than the pairing of Frances and Elena! Speaking of Frances and Elena, they will be in "SB Too," but their roles will be more like Victoria's in the first book--basically subplot status.

I am looking for beta readers for "SB Too," especially betas who HAVE NOT read "Strange Bedfellows." I hope to get two of these at least. Reasons are (1) While I plan to run an author's note at the beginning of the story explaining that I recommend readers read "Strange Bedfellows" before reading the sequel, I do need input on how strongly worded/emphatic the note should be. Who knows, I may be totally off base and the sequel stands just fine on its own. In that case, the note can be relatively loosey goosey.  (2) I would like input on how to make the story more "friendly" for these people who didn't read "Strange Bedfellows."

But, yeah, I think to fully appreciate "Strange Bedfellows Too," you're better off reading "Strange Bedfellows" as well. I won't be going into detail on history/back story that's in the first book.

Beeswax 3: Kindlegraphs has changed to Authorgraphs, and anyone with any device can get them. Actually, you don't need an e-book reader! Here's my page:

From an e-mail from Evan Jacobs:
* Readers no longer need a Twitter account to request an Authorgraph (they can simply use an email and password)
* The website has been completely redesigned
* Readers can submit an Authorgraph request via the widget on your blog or website

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