Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Re-read My Own Works? Um.

A question that pops up once in a while is whether I re-read my own works after publication. How about a pop quiz, then? ;-)

A. No re-reading, not even if I'm stranded in the toidy with nothing to read
B. No re-reading, not even if I'm stuck at a meal with nothing to read
C. No re-reading, not even if I'm by my lonesome at the doctor's office and my books are piled and piled and piled all over (hey, maybe my doc is a hoarder--and a stalker of me!--in which case, re-reading is the least of my concerns)
D. All of the above

Yeah! That's right! The answer is E. Ha! Trick quiz. I am mean, yes. OK, the thing is, A, B and C (and therefore, D) are pretty much true. Once a book is done and published, that's it. Thar she blows! Bye bye! I don't want to re-read because I WILL find stuff to cringe over, stuff I want to change, and I may come to the inevitable conclusion that my book is somewhere between cafeteria mystery meat and sneezes that sneeze guards don't catch. I'll cry and sob and throw myself a pity party. OK, not quite, but you get the idea. I prefer to look forward rather than look back.

So where does E come in?

Basically, in the case of sequels or books I'm thinking of turning into a series. I'll re-read these out of necessity. For example, some people want me to expand or do some kind of take off "The Old Woman" short story. I'd have to re-read it. Also, I had to re-read "The Odd Couple" for its second edition after my publisher returned first-edition rights to me. I was pleased at how well "The Odd Couple" read (better than I thought it would!), but I did make a few significant changes for the second edition. Anyway, I've been tossing around the idea of a "Strange Bedfellows" sequel. So, I re-read parts of "Strange Bedfellows." Started a sequel Sunday, read on Monday what I wrote Sunday, hated it and put the idea on the back burner for now. However!!! I want to write another call girl story, so I'm thinking about starting a series featuring different pairings, one member of which is always a call girl (or prostitute, something like that). "Strange Bedfellows" would be #1 in that series, obviously. Also like "Strange Bedfellows" isn't erotica, I don't envision this series to be erotica, either. I'm trying to think of what to call the series (maybe the "Call Girl" series?) but first I better get book #2 written, eh? (I'm soooo close to finishing my novella "Love's Spell"--more on that soon.) I have a decent profile already for the non-call girl character in book #2. Now I just need to figure out the call girl character.

So, long answer short, I re-read my own works only if absolutely required!

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