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Lynn Lawler's Books Incorporate the Paranormal and the Spiritual

The next author in my author interview series (go here or click on the "My Interviews With Other Authors" tab at the top) is Lynn Lawler.  I don't know about you, but in my corner of the world, today is rainy and dreary. Perfect for reading! So, let's dive right in! :)

First question is pretty simple: Tell us a little about yourself, Lynn! 
I'm the author of "Rachel's Journey Home," a book about a troubled woman who is faced with a mysterious happening that forces her to deal with experiences that are suddenly foreign to her. I've always had the writer gene inside of me. I loved to write while I was growing up. In college I had an editorial published for The Detroit News. That was exciting. I've had some tough trials that I had to go through. I guess these have made me a stronger woman and author. I incorporate many of these trials in my stories. I'm finding that they make good drama. Nowadays I'm a much more calm person and am happy to say have come to terms with who I am. It took a lot to get to this point.

OK, so you've made me curious. What "mysterious happening" is this, or is that too much of a spoiler? Maybe just a tease? 
OOOOOOOOOOO. That is an important part of the story. But a tease. Let's see. 

Yeah, you can't just throw that out there and not give a little more! :)
I agree. What I can say is that she finds out one day it was like she walked into the life of another reality. Then she has to deal with the outcome. It was all her choice though.

The blurb pretty much indicates that, I think--sort of a body/spirit switch, right? (I think it's safe to say this much because the blurb on Amazon implies as much.)
Yes. You got it. I was just daydreaming one night and came up with the idea and wrote about what it would have been like for me. 

That's a great concept. I love TV shows/movies that deal with it. "Drop Dead Diva" and "Freaky Friday" for example. How did you expand on the idea? 
 It just came to me. I had been toying with the story in my head for some time. I also put myself into her shoes. 

So you mean you didn't need to expand on it? It all came to you in one big piece? Wow! Lucky you. I usually have to mull over various scenarios for several days and throw ideas around with people.
I pretty much came up with the idea on my own. Although I did some research on the Internet. 

What kind of research?
On anything that there could be a question on later. I like to be as accurate as possible. 

Such as...? Do you mean the physics of soul switching? That kind of stuff?
You got it. I did do research on that. Then I incorporated what would happen to me if I were in Rachel's shoes. I also put in a few of my experiences and made them hers. 

So is Rachel loosely based on you? 
Yes. Many of what Rachel was feeling is how I've felt during my life. 

OK, what kind of feelings? 
Good question. When confronted we use a lot of energy to contain our emotions. Both Rachel and I are empaths and are constantly trying to keep our emotions intact. We are thrown off center very easily. It's hard to speak when heavy emotions are going through me. This is true for Rachel. Fear and anger come up a lot. 

I imagine that finding yourself in a new body would certainly lead to fear and anger! How does Rachel deal with that? What's the central conflict in the story? Is it a romance or...ya know? 
She goes wild. Then after awhile she shuts down. Then she gets desperate and seeks assistance. The central conflict in the story is for her accepting herself who she is and that she asked for the soul switch as a way of spiritual awakening. Rachel does thrive on drama so I would say yes to the romance part. 

Oh, she asked for it? Interesting. So many questions I have, but I guess I should just read the book! wink I'd like to ask this one question, though--did Rachel specifically ask to switch with the person she did?
Yes she did. We all ask for our experiences here on earth. Good and not so good. 

That is a really cool premise. One I wish I'd thought of myself! smile Now I see you also have another book, "Jackie's Awakening." Is that lesbian fiction like the Rachel book?
Yes it is. 

Care to expand? :) This is a chance to hook some readers!
Yes. She does some wild and crazy stuff. She too has a spiritual awakening that takes her into another dimension of her life. Like Rachel, she too fights it. She dives deep and then realizes that this is who she is now. She has a new understanding on how things work. Nothing is secret anymore. 

OK, that sounds great, too. What has your journey to publication been like?
It has been fun. After I wrote the books, I had an editor go over it. Then when I approved of the manuscript, it gets published into Kindle. It's so exciting to see your name for your book on Amazon.
The process took about a year from the beginning of editing to the print. 

So are you an indie? And by a year, do you mean a year for both books or each individually?
A year for each book. Even though I am GLBT, I don't have a specific label for my stories.

Yeah, I understand what you mean about labels. However, (and perhaps unfortunately), they're necessary to help retailers categorize books and make them easier for readers to find. It's easy to label a lot of books, not so much others! So why don't you have a specific label? 
I think for Rachel it would be easy to label. I would have to say that Rachel is definitely paranormal. I'm writing another GLBT book that is pure fantasy. So here are two labels.

So all three of these books are GBLT? Meaning all four letters, GBLT, and not just lesbian?
The last book is lesbian in the sense that it is about women. The first two are GLBT as they have men. 

So, transgender too? There aren't a lot of transgender books (and I know there's a need for more) so I just want to be sure I understand this.
No transgender. I've thought about making a future minor character transgender. 

OK, so it's GBL... no T? 
I meant that I currently don't have a transgender theme in my books. so they would be GBL 

Gotcha now. smile What is your writing process like?
It's so fun. I make an outline and then allow the juices to flow as I'm writing. I feel like I'm in a zone. I feel my characters. They become my friends. It was so fun writing Jackie. I just ran with her. She has many aspects of me in her. It felt powerful creating her. 

Did/do you have a so-called "full-time job" while you wrote/write?
Writing is my only career. Although I did have a full-time job when I started Rachel. 

What kind of author are you/would like to be? By that I mean when people say: "Have you heard of Lynn Lawler? She's _______." What would the blank say?
A lesbian fantasy writer. 

OK. But there are other lesbian fantasy writers out there. What would make you exceptional and different? 
I incorporate paranormal into my stories as well as spiritual ideas. All of my characters are on a spiritual journey. 

Why did you want to become an author?
I have always loved to write. As a child I read a lot of books and was curious about how the authors did it. I made up my mind at age 10 that someday I was going to publish a book. the reason why it took so long was that on a spiritual level I needed to experience some setbacks and other experiences to add character to my stories. I feel free when I write. 

Yeah, I know that life experience and mistakes help people become better in pretty much anything--writing, painting, surgery, what have you! :) I wish you much success! What can we expect from you next year? 
I'm currently on two writing projects. One I'm expecting to come out next year sometime. They are both lesbian fiction with oddities. 

Great! Thanks for taking the time for this interview.

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Alison Pitts said...

I absolutely love reading Jackie's Awakening. Soon I'm going to download Rachel's Journey Way Home to read it. Your books are my inspiration to write more on the books my partner, Heidi and I have started to write and get ourselves published. I look forward to do exactly that. We would like to make it New Year's Resolution to publish at least two books before the end of next year. Good luck on your adventure! Can't wait to read what else you have in store for Jackie!!