Saturday, August 11, 2012

August 17-20 and a New Story

Howdy! A little post to let y'all know I'm the featured author August 17-20 for the Yahoo group Virtual Living Room (to join, go to We'll be discussing any manner of things, including my love of corny jokes. My book "Third" is listed as the focus, but I'll take questions and discussion on any of my works and anything. I love zombies, so maybe some sort of corny joke to do with zombies. Hmm... ;-)

I hope to have another blog post in a few days about my next project, which should be published soon. It's a fairy tale novella titled "The Girl Prince and Her Princess." It's written in fairy tale style and has been a blast.

This fairy tale is set in the kingdoms of Athena and Qax. It’s a magical brew of a big ol’ juicy problem, generous dollops of secrets, castles, kings and queens, princesses and villains.

The king and queen of Athena have a problem. They desperately need a son to marry off to Princess Vexa. She is the unsightly daughter of their neighbor, King Magnatus of Qax. If no prince is born, Magnatus will take over the peaceful Athena and what the heck, kill all the people of the kingdom.

When Athena’s rulers finally produce an offspring, the queen dies in childbirth. The king finds himself faced with the greatest challenge of all—a girl! Boys are scarce, and no one is willing to give up their son to replace the infant girl.

The ruse is on. The sweet baby girl is named Alexandre and is raised to take on the manly duties of being a prince. Eighteen years later, it’s wedding time. Can the deception continue?

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