Thursday, July 26, 2012

Little Preview

Here is a little preview from my work in progress.


My husband is more beautiful and more feminine than I am. We met and married long ago, so long ago I recollect the era as the “once upon a time” that prevails in fairy tales. It was a time when the lucky gays and lesbians didn’t know they were gay and lesbian. They passed their days wandering vaguely, feeling dissatisfied, wondering what it they were missing. The unlucky gays and lesbians hid in their closets and quaked with the knowledge they were different. A bad kind of different.

I was neither of these, or so I thought. I was secure in my sexuality. Ah, the power of delusion. I liked, and then loved, the man who would become my husband. My twin sister once remarked to me: “George almost looks like a woman. But not quite.”

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