Thursday, May 3, 2012

Nice Long Interview Featuring Mooooi!

I have a rather lengthy interview out here:

I love all my interviews, but this one stood out for sure. For one thing, two of my previous interviews were oral/on the radio. I had to go through an interpreter. Another interview, the questions were already set and listed. This interview with Affinity/Nancy provided a true back and forth, and I'm sure it'll always be one of my most enjoyable interviews. Nancy and I talked for three hours, maybe more, but a lot of that was edited out. (Good thing for your eyes! :-) )

This was done back in October, but Affinity wasn't able to post it until now. You can kinda tell because some of the info is outdated. Info in some places IS updated, though. Anyway, hope y'all enjoy the interview. Should take maybe 10-15 minutes to read.

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