Sunday, May 6, 2012

Biggo Sigh of Relief!

One of the best feelings a writer can get, I think, is running off a nasty case of writer's block.

I've struggled this past week with my next book. I knew it wouldn't be "Inside These Walls" because I had been blocking on that a while already. This other book had a great concept, all that. But I just couldn't get it down exactly right on paper. I tried several openings and several plot variations. None quite clicked. I was so desperate I turned to completely different ideas, including back to "Inside These Walls." Nada. I had sleepless nights mulling over the matter. Then one morning in bed, I had an EUREKA moment. I typed the first few paragraphs on my phone right there in bed. So far, so good, but in a day, I was back to "blocking."

I reworked things a bit, and I got click click clicks. However, I was still "blocking," but this was a different type. I now felt confident in the story and what I was doing. The problem was, this story's format/setup is different from the norm. I'd only typed 3,000 quality words, but I was so desperate for a second opinion on if my story was working that I asked a beta to read it over. I explained my concerns and said I didn't want to waste more time with the story if she thought it wasn't going to work.

She read it.

She loved it. And she explained why, in detail.


Take that, writer's block! Yep, this story's format is a bit of a deviation from the norm, but I'm very excited. I'll share some more in a later blog post, but right now, I gotta eat lunch then KAYAK! Whoo! :)

I'll be releasing a lesfic short-stories collection later this week, so keep an eye out for that, too.

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