Saturday, March 3, 2012

"Inside These Walls" Blurb

OK! Here's the (rough-draft) blurb for my next novel.

"Inside These Walls"

Monica Lee Thomas is a bubbly, carefree twenty-three-year-old college senior. She needs at least $1,500 quick or she can't participate in her college's Italian studies class trip after her graduation. Monica puts out ads saying no job is too small, or too big, or too odd, for $3,500, as long as $1,500 is paid up front. The job just needs to be legal.

Natalie Payton is the only person who responds. She explains she's thirty-nine years old, agoraphobic, wealthy and wants a companion. A friend. Someone to talk to, no more, no less. Natalie summons Monica to Highfield House, where Natalie lives her life. The only condition Natalie has is that Monica must tell no one who she is working for. Natalie does not want anyone feeling sorry for her.

The job turns out to be much more enjoyable than Monica expected. So much so, Monica is falling in love with Natalie. However, Monica can't shake the feeling that Natalie is hiding something important. Monica digs deeper into Natalie's background. What she discovers causes her to question if she really knows Natalie. Will Monica and Natalie be able to put aside their fears and secrets to be together?

I'm very, very excited about this novel!

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Kate Genet said...

Oh my goodness, I'm now very excited about this novel too! I love the premise and I already enjoy your writing style, so will be looking forward to this one, that's for sure.