Saturday, March 3, 2012

I'm Still Indie!

Joy Argento and I are both indies who publish under an imprint she created (Ride the Rainbow Books). Joy's turning Ride the Rainbow Books into a full-fledged publishing company. I have since gotten more than a few inquries about if this means I'm still indie.

In a nutshell: Yes, I am. Nothing changes for me except I have another venue through which to sell my print books and ebooks, and more exposure from my association with Ride the Rainbow Books. In turn, Ride the Rainbow Books benefits from its association with me. I put out good quality work; two of my books have won awards, and I'm sure more are to come.

The next few years are going to bring some interesting indie/publisher hybrids, and Ride the Rainbow Books is one. I'm not sure if Joy is going to follow the submissions process for her own works, but I'd imagine not since, well, it's her company. But who knows? ;-) She HAS told me that her two already published books will be re-edited and that all her future works will be professionally edited.

I have no interest in repeating the submissions wait process (oh, the horror stories I could tell!) and certain other things publishers must do. I told Joy exactly that when she explained the changes about a month and a half before she made the general announcement. There never was any question of me having to "un"indie.

The website continues to be a work in progress, but at some point, I will probably be listed differently from Ride the Rainbow Books authors who went through the dog and cat show (they submitted, waited for acceptance, etc. etc.). I may be listed as an "associate author." I don't know. Lots of good changes coming.

Also, for anyone who didn't know, Georgia Beers is an editor with Ride the Rainbow Books, but she will continue to publish with Bywater Books.

Joy says that her goal is to make the submission process as fast and painless as possible. Instead of sending out a general rejection notice for any books not up to par, authors will be given tips and guidance to make their manuscripts better so they could submit again if they wished to. She says she doesn't feel like her new company is competing with other lesbian publishers. It is just offering another avenue for authors as well as readers. She also said there will be a close partnership among the authors, herself and the two editors, Georgia and Nina.

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