Friday, March 2, 2012

I Like Surprises!

I like surprises! I check my Smashwords sales about once a week. I get an email notification every time someone purchases one of my works directly from Smashwords, but there are no notifications for expanded distribution (which is the Apple store, Kobo, Sony, Diesel, etc.). The retailers report these sales at intervals. I usually only have a handful of expanded distribution sales there each week.

Today--nice surprise! A boatload of Apple sales, as of Feb. 4 (Apple and the other retailers report at specific intervals). "The Old Woman and Other Lesbian Stories" is very popular. "Waiting" is popular also.

This really was a nice surprise.

The reason I was at Smashwords actually wasn't to check on expanded distribution sales but to halt distribution of "Miss Lucy Parker and Other Short Stories" to the retailers. I've decided to enroll "MLP" in KDP Select. The exclusivity clause still gives me cause for concern, but in this case, I think the pros outweigh the cons. And if they don't, well, I just won't re-enroll "MLP" after the 90 days are up. (I'm still not re-enrolling "The Odd Couple" when it leaves KDP Select on March 6.)

"MLP" had two sales in the expanded distribution, not enough for me to change my mind about KDP Select. I'm excited to see how "MLP" does. It's my only gen fic work and at one point almost made it into the Kindle Top 100 Free. It's still a strong seller now that it's 99 cents.

"The Old Woman and Other Lesbian Stories" continues to sell excellently at Barnes and Noble and, apparently, at Apple, too. I have no current plans to move "The Old Woman" or any of my other works into KDP Select.

I'll update my freebies page when "Miss Lucy Parker" is free for y'all Amazon Prime members. :)

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