Friday, March 9, 2012

"Cupid Pulls a Prank and Other Lesbian Tales"

Here is the lineup of stories I have so far for my next short-story collection.

Cupid Pulls a Prank
Cupid pulls a prank to end all pranks. For the first time in American history, both the Republicans and the Democrats have female candidates running for president. The Republican is Alice Cowell, and the Democrat is Gillian Marshall. Cupid strikes them during a live, nationwide televised debate, and Alice's and Gillian's reactions shock even him.

Lottie finds out that some women do get toasters for converting straight gals. And not just any old toasters, but toasters of all shapes, sizes and colors. Heck, there's a blue race car toaster, a zebra toaster and a full-sized purple unicorn toaster. Can Lottie win the toaster of her dreams?

Mrs. Santa Claus's Klondyke Secret
Candace Claus, a.k.a. Mrs. Santa Claus, is on her yearly two-week cruise with Santa after the madness of the holidays. She is tired of living in the shadow of a man who has gone from jolly to cranky, plus she will no longer deny her true self. The time has come for Candace to fess up to Santa that she's a lesbian.

Lesbian Speed Dating
Ginny Yost is intrigued when she sees an ad for lesbian speed dating. What happens is a comedy of errors. Will Ginny find the woman she's meant to be with?

So This Woman Meets This Chick Online And...
A joke from the early days of the Internet goes like this: a young woman sets up a hotel rendezvous with a man she met online. They meet, and turns out he's her dad. Yep. They cringe in embarrassment and promise to never tell anyone what happened.

Guess what? This happens to Jillian too, only she is gay, so the person she encounters in the hotel room is her mom.

Roxanne and Ms. Winslow
When Roxanne Rogers was eighteen years old, she did a bad thing. A chance encounter at three a.m. may be the opportunity Roxanne needs to make amends.

Westinhoffer, Andrew Brian, 16
Elizabeth is reading the obituaries when one catches her eye. She thought she said goodbye to Andrew Brian Westinhoffer when he was a baby, but she must force herself to say goodbye again.

Added 4/18:

The Robot
Ramona is grateful when her scientist husband brings home a prototype for a lifelike maid robot his company is developing. Turns out Mya, the robot, is also functional in the bedroom. Very functional.

One more to come soon!

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