Friday, February 3, 2012

Why I Write Lesbian Fiction

Some people have posted recently why they write lesbian fiction. A common answer is to celebrate the shared lesbian and cultural experience and to write authentic stories, as Lynette Mae explained in a good post here.

One thing I've noticed in these blog posts is that the authors say they choose to write lesbian fiction. Why do I write lesbian fiction? Because I have to. It's as simple as that. I don't choose what I write. What I write chooses me. And what usually chooses me is women falling in love with each other (or as in the case of "Third," with one another).

I write what is battering to come out of me. It's usually lesbian fiction but not always. For example, I have one gen fic collection out ("Miss Lucy Parker and Other Short Stories"). Some of the POV characters in that collection, you don't know their sexuality, or they are straight men and straight women, but by gen fic I mean stories that appeal to anyone, regardless of sexuality. The stories in that collection appealed to me to be told, and I wrote them. So what if they were not lesbian fic? The characters clawed at me to tell their stories.

If an idea claws at me to be told, that's what I write, lesbian fic or not. I tried writing a straight romance once. I. COULD. NOT. That straight romance simply was not clawing at me to be told.

Sometimes I wish I could choose what I write. I'd probably head into greener pastures, but guess what? Since I became indie, I've written what chooses me and I'm doing pretty well financially. Following my heart with women falling in love with each other has gotten me good places, and I can only hope it continues.

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