Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine's Day. This is what I posted on my Facebook and G+ before I got out of bed (I use my phone a lot):
Valentine's Day. Another holiday I'm like: "Eh, whatever" about. People who are close to me know I don't put much stock in dates (birthdays, holidays, etc.). Maybe because of childhood stuff (isn't everything traced to that? :p), but I think we don't need people to tell us what to make of a specific day. We should make each day what we want it to be. 
Then what happens? I head into my office and find a card from my wife on the office chair. A card that makes my heart melt. Homemade cards are the best, aren't they?  While I'm not much of a a holiday/birthdays observer, my wife is. It's forced me to shape up a bit. I want to keep her happy, right? ;-) So I give her birthday gifts, Valentine's gifts and all that.
Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!




Karen said...

So sweet! Good job, Melanie!
Thanks for sharing, Q.
I'm starting Third today to celebrate the romance thing. x

Q. Kelly said...

Melanie's good for grinches like me. :D