Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Switch" Blurb Updated

Just updated the "Switch" rough-draft blurb to reflect some storyline changes: OR read below.

I'm sure the blurb will change a few more times before the book is published.

Feedback on all aspects is welcome!
"Switch" -- release date TBA, probable in April 2012

(Rough-draft blurb) Ellora Elaine Landry and June Clementine Blue Sky are forty years old and have led vastly different lives. June, raised by hippie parents, is an out lesbian who has not had the best experiences in the love department. Ellora, from a conservative family, is coming to terms with her lesbian identity and has just left her husband.

June and Ellora come together after they find out a nurse switched them when they were newborns (along with four other pairs of babies over fifteen years). Ellora and June experience an undeniable attraction. They fight it for several reasons, a big one being that Ellora is married. Plus, both Ellora and June are reluctant to risk their hearts, especially since that means revealing secrets and telling the entire story behind half truths.

Will they realize that perhaps they were fated to be together since their births? 

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