Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saleswoman Clothes, Greasy Palms and Three Women -- Oh My!

Howdy, peeps.

This blog post is gonna be sales pitch of sorts. So, be warned you're walking smack dab into a sales pitch. Let's see if I can make this really authentic. *retreats to closet for car saleswoman clothes, finds them*

Ah! OK, so I have my saleswoman clothes on now. Wait, don't I need greasy palms too? Good thing my lavender-scented lotion is within reach. OK! That's lathered on now, too.

This pitch is for "Third." I knew it might be a tricky sell because unlike many romance novels, "Third" is the story of three women falling in love with one another. Polyamory is an oft-misunderstood concept, but I hope you'll give "Third" a chance anyway, especially if you liked my other books.

Let me pull out some lines from "Third" reviews (all except the first are currently on Amazon. The first you can find here):

** I wasn’t at all sure I wanted to read about a three way relationship. But, as I’ve enjoyed Q Kelly’s other books, I decided to buy it and take a chance. I’m glad I did ... The way these three women genuinely care for one another comes through loud and clear ... This really is a book on it’s own, like no other I’ve read. Unique in fact.

** Some people may shy away from this book because of the polyamory content, but I'm telling's worth the risk. Really, give it a try. I did and I loved it.

** It's fascinating and scintillating...

** I want to mention the same as other reviewers have about the polyamorous content. This is not some love tryst and it's not a case of infidelity. These women ~ Helen, Yalia and Anne truly desired to be with each other.

** As imaginative as the author is I wasn't sure she could bring off a story with a lead character that travels through time and becomes involved in a relationship with a married couple (lesbian) on the brink of divorce. I shouldn't have worried. Q, Kelly does a great job of making the premise plausible.

-- Back to saleswoman me! "Third" is a love story. In my mind, love is love, regardless of if two people are involved or three people are. Please give "Third" a chance. I don't think you'll regret it. You can read the first six and a half chapters here or the first chapter or so on the Kindle, Nook and Smashwords sites.

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