Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Cupid Pulls a Prank" Excerpt -- Betas Needed!

OK! Here is a call going out to request beta readers for my short-story collection. Two stories are finished and ready to be beta'ed (only 1,000 words each). If you've read "The Old Woman and Other Lesbian Stories," this collection is along the same lines. Generally light, quirky, humorous, poking fun at some lesbian stereotypes. Contact me if you're interested. Many thanks! :) Below is an excerpt (unedited) that sorta gives you what to expect. This excerpt is NOT from a completed story.

This is an excerpt! (c) Q. Kelly 2012

Cupid Pulls a Prank

Cupid woke up on the naughty side of the bed. It had been a while since he had pulled a really big one, and he was itching for a prank to end all pranks. But whom to prank? Cupid went online and scanned the headlines on Yahoo.
“That’s it!” Cupid exclaimed. He could hardly wait. His trick would be huge. This was the first American presidential race featuring female candidates from the major parties. The Republican, Alice Cowell, was the current vice president. She was fifty years old but had the body of a thirty-year-old. She ate right and worked out religiously. She was married to a flashy lawyer dude and was the mother of two sons. Her opponent was fifty-five-year-old Gillian Marshall, a two-term United States senator from Virginia. Gillian was married to an accountant, and they had one child, a girl.
Cupid decided to strike Alice first. During her opening statement, perhaps. Cupid hated Republicans. Democrats too. Politicans! They were uptight, hypocritical jerks, the lot of them, and Alice Cowell was their queen. How would she, and the public, react to her falling in love with her opponent? In front of a live, national TV audience, no less. Cupid had not altogether abandoned his senses, of course. He would let it last an hour, maybe two. Then he’d de-witch Alice and Gillian.


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Karen said...

This sounds like a hoot! Love the premise. The energy in the story excerpt is quick, snappy, and building toward a funny outcome.