Monday, February 6, 2012


I have deleted the "Assumption as Fact" blog post. The reviewer revised her statement to something that kinda comes off more as opinion. The issue has blown way out of proportion. It seems that only the reviewer, me and a handful of others got the point I was trying to make (fact vs. opinion). The fact that the reviewer changed her statement shows she understood my point. I'm sorry other people did not. Maybe I need to be clearer in the future. I don't know. I do find it funny and somewhat fitting that pretty much only the reviewer and I "got it."

I want to say here that there is no need to try to discredit people. My blog post focused on one specific review and one specific sentence and explained that writing style differences were the reason the reviewer apparently thought "All in the Family" was not edited (which it was, several times). I used "Strange Bedfellows" and its similar style to "AITF" (four viewpoints, etc.) and the awards it won to illustrate my point that a book can be edited and not please everyone and that "AITF" most definitely was edited.

I encourage everyone, including my fans, to look at issues as narrowly as possible. Focus on words and not on people.

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