Sunday, February 26, 2012

"All in the Family" Review by a Deaf Lesbian

I wanted to direct y'all to a review of "All in the Family" that means a lot to me. Chiefly, it means a lot to me because it's written by a Deaf lesbian (I think the first D/deaf person to review "AITF"). As a Deaf person myself, being D/deaf is really a very singular experience, and I'm glad this reader "got" what I did. Sam in "AITF" is probably the character most like me in real life out of all my books. I wrote "AITF" for everyone, of course, but also to chronicle one aspect of being d/Deaf.



Since I am Deaf Lesbian, I was informed about this book by Q Kelly in one of my Facebook group so I ordered it for my Kindle. I commend the author by giving out the details of Sam's frustrations with her hearing father especially her "wicked" step-mother because they kept forgetting about her deafness. For example, her father just babble without using the sign language and her step mother looked at her as disabled. Luckily, her step sister Alison was so eager to learn the sign language so she could communicate with Sam so they ended up falling in love with each other despite of their being step-sisters. The angst in the story was about Sam's step-mother who made Allison to end her relationship with Sam. I certainly hope Q Kelly can write another story on Deaf Lesbian couples.

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